Do we give cheerfully?

Do we give with a cheerful heart? Do we reluctantly give a tithe or donation at church? Are we cheerful as we hand over a donation to someone in need?

The Lord wants us to be cheerful givers. To give from our hearts, not from an obligation. If we are able, we should be cheerfully giving to those in need, no matter who is or isn’t watching.

During His ministry, the Lord was a perfect example of a cheerful giver. He gave time, blessings, service, and love to all those in need. He did not hold back on giving.

We can follow His example and be cheerful givers. We have all been given gifts from God that we need to share with others. We can give more than money(although tithes and offerings are a great way to give). Think about what gifts God has given you, and how you can use them to bless the lives of others. People need you to share your gifts. If you’re unsure of how to cheerfully bless others with your gifts, pray and ask God for direction. He will guide you. He loves us! Wishing you love and peace today! Have a beautiful weekend! 💛

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