Ask, Seek, Knock.

Humble prayer to our Father in Heaven is a beautiful way to communicate the desires of our hearts. God already knows what we need- but the results of sincere prayer can align us with His plan for our lives. It can guide us in the right direction, it can impress upon us which actions to take. The Holy Spirit can also warn us about any trouble that may be ahead of us.

I haven’t always fully appreciated prayer- I sometimes just went through the motions. After going through my terrifying experience, I will never take prayer for granted ever again. I testify that our prayers are heard and answered. Some of the answers take longer to arrive than others, and that is okay. That is where faith and patience come in. We must remember to live this life on God’s timing, not our own. If we ask, if we seek, if we knock- God WILL hear us and help us.

I pray that you feel of God’s love for you today! Wishing you a beautiful day! 💙😊

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