Do not limit God.

Do we underestimate God’s power? Do we limit his ability to help us?

When I read the Bible, I sometimes find myself believing that the miracles and divine assistance that happened in those times isn’t applicable today. That was then, this is now.


The same God that instructed Noah to build an ark, that parted the Red Sea for Moses, that heard the prayers of Daniel in the den of lions and protected him- that SAME God hears YOU. He hears your prayers and he knows your name. If you draw near unto him, he will draw near unto you.

If we call on him, he will show us great and mighty things! Solutions to problems- maybe things we hadn’t even thought of.

Do not believe that miracles don’t happen anymore. Do not limit God with the help and instruction that he can provide for your life. Call on him to guide and direct you on your path. He loves you! Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

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