Reverential Fear.

The fear of the Lord isn’t your typical fear. The Lord doesn’t want you to be afraid of Him. The fear of the Lord is actually the fear of offending Him. It’s a fear of hurting someone we love. It’s a complex fear- full of reverence and awe. A fear that inspires self-discipline and humility. A fear that keeps our egos in check. This fear helps us to recognize the greatness of God. It gives respect to the creator of worlds. It’s a reverential fear.

The stubborn and proud make no room in their hearts for this reverential fear.

A few years ago, I was part of that group. I did not exalt God in the way that I should have. I was not worried about offending him. I did not fear him. Through prayer, mercy, grace, and the biggest humbling of my life- he brought me back from what was trying to kill me and destroy my family. I thank God every day for saving me from the literal grasp of the enemy and darkness.

Even when we do sin, if we kneel humbly before God and ask forgiveness, he doesn’t deny us. He provides the Holy Spirit to comfort us, and to feel of his presence. He forgives us. He turns our hearts.

He understands us and what we are going through in this life- if we approach him in reverential fear, it is promised that his mercy for us will be great. He loves us!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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