In a garden, there’s a perfect combination of ingredients needed to produce good fruit. Fertile soil, the right amounts of sunshine and water. I’ve helped with a vegetable garden for a few years now, and I haven’t always produced the best results. Sometimes you feel like you’ve done everything for a plant that you possibly can, and the plant still fails. It’s sad and frustrating to not know exactly what that plant needs to be fruitful.

Christ knows what we need to make our lives fruitful. He knows the right combination of circumstances to help us grow. Sometimes it might take some pruning. We might be going in the wrong direction. Be assured that when we are cut back, it gives us an opportunity to blossom into something new, into something better than we were before. He knows the right combination of circumstances to make you the most fruitful version of yourself. He does this to not only bless your own life, but to bless the lives of others as well.

When we abide in Christ, when we are connected to him in thought, word, and deed, his loyalty is unwavering. His divine guidance will always be there. He wants our lives to be fruitful. He wants to help us accomplish good works, especially those that further the kingdom of God.

Christ can make more of our lives than we could ever dream of for ourselves. Abide in him. He loves you!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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