God resists the proud, because the proud resist God. They do not seek him. They aren’t willing to let him into their hearts. This unwillingness could be caused by anger, grief, or blame. It could be caused by horribly unfair circumstances. It could be caused by a combination of all of those things.

When we shut God out, we force him to back off. We cancel our subscription to his divine guidance, comfort, and peace.

I find it so crazy that society so easily blames God for their problems, yet does so little to work on their relationship with him. I understand that life is full of absolutely heartbreaking pain. It’s full of sorrow and grief, loss and misery. It’s hard to accept and comprehend the amount of pain that is in this world. What’s even harder to comprehend is that some, in their pain, will turn their backs on God. They don’t realize that God the father, and his son, Jesus Christ, can provide more comfort and understanding than anything else in this world. They specialize in easing burdens. Let them help you with the cross you carry.

If you’re not ready to walk into a church, it’s fine. You get to make that call. Meet them on your own terms. Study God’s word on your own. He will provide you with guidance for your life.

I hadn’t set foot in a church for almost 5 years when they saved me. I’d forgotten about them, but when I called out to them- they remembered me.

That’s where grace comes in. If we humble ourselves enough to pray and ask for help, they will follow through. They will comfort us in our sufferings.

If you’re hurting, if your heart is broken, know that they will be with you if you ask them to be. They only want to help you. They will lead you in the right direction. Let them into your heart- they can help heal it.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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