Lately, I’ve been trying to genuinely smile at people that I cross paths with. They are random people out in the world, just like you and me. I’ve gotten a few smiles back, and also a few weird looks.😂

I’ve been retraining my brain to see every single person as a beloved child of God. I’ve been trying to show unconditional love to everyone. Sometimes I do alright, other days I fail miserably.

When it comes to unconditional love- it’s definitely a lot easier to genuinely smile at strangers, than to work on loving any difficult people that are in your life.

Learning to love everyone, especially difficult people, is a challenge that we all face. When we are struggling with this challenge, we must remember that God’s love for us is unconditional. He is no respecter of persons. He loves us all- regardless of how difficult we are.

God knows that unconditional love doesn’t come easy for us. It is an uphill climb, a constant struggle. It takes a lot of work, and A LOT of prayer.

When we petition God, when we ask for God’s help, our capacity to love can be much greater than it has ever been before. He will help us and guide us in our difficult situations. If we are hurting, he can help heal our broken hearts. Through prayer, he will let us know the right actions to take.

God’s beautiful example of unconditional love is meant to inspire us to love each other in the same way. If it seems too daunting a task, just start small. You never know, your smile just might brighten someone else’s day. 😊

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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