Thou shalt be fed.

How long can a person go without food? About 4-6 weeks, depending on conditions, and with hydration being a key factor in that estimate.

Think of a time in your life when you were absolutely ravenous. When you were so hungry, you couldn’t think of anything else but food. When you were finally able to eat, wasn’t it amazing? Were you grateful for every bite? Did you finish your plate and ask for more?

God wants us to have the same hunger for spiritual knowledge (and wisdom) as we do for food. He wants us to be spiritually minded. He wants us to be so hungry for his word, that we feast upon it in gratitude and thanksgiving. He wants us to never go without it. He wants us to fill up our plates at his table, every single day.

In a complicated world, it’s good to know that God’s promises are simple. If we place our trust in God and Christ, do good, and study his word, we will be spiritually fed. We will be guided. We will be blessed.

If you’re feeling empty inside, discouraged, unfulfilled, lost, or disconnected, you need to be spiritually fed. I invite you to come feast at God’s table. He created you. You are always welcome there. He knows you. Study his words to know Him. Pray for his help, strength, and guidance for your life. He loves you. He loves all of us.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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