When you were a child and disobeyed your parents, were you afraid of the consequences?

Did you try to hide your mistakes and sins from them?

Many children try to hide their mistakes from their parents. They are afraid of facing the consequences. In other (unfortunately common) circumstances, children face abusive repercussions when mistakes are made.

I think that as we get older, we can fall into the same trap of distancing ourselves from God when we’ve made a mistake. We might be afraid of the consequences. We are afraid of disappointing Him. We might just feel so guilty for our sins that we can’t even begin to deal with them.

When a little one sneaks a brownie and ends up with chocolate all over their hands and face, it’s as plain as day for their parents to see what they’ve done. When we sin, it’s the same concept. There’s no hiding anything from God. He already knows.

The sooner we admit to it, pray to Him and ask for forgiveness, the better off we are.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned through my experiences is that God is completely approachable. No matter what we’ve done, He is a friend and faithful father to all of his children. (That’s us!)

God knows we are not perfect. When we make mistakes, he wants us to sit down and talk with him about it. He wants us to pray to him about it. Like any loving father, he wants to help you through your mistakes, pick you back up, and watch you strive to make better choices.

Do not hesitate to turn to God in times of sin(or otherwise). He is loving. He is understanding and forgiving. Infinitely compassionate. Let Him help you work through your sin. If we return to Him, pray and ask forgiveness, it is promised that He will have compassion on us. Through the atonement, He will cast our sins into the depths of the sea.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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