God with us.

On this beautiful and sacred Christmas Day, may we celebrate not only the birth of our Savior and His sacrifice for us, but also His continued presence in our lives.

Just as the verse states- He is with us. Christ the Lord is always with us. The very meaning of Emmanuel attests to His ever faithful companionship.

Christ is never out of reach. If you want Him to walk by your side in this life, He will. When asked, He will guide you and assist you. If you draw near unto Him, He will always draw near unto you. Like any faithful friend, He loves you too much to let you walk this path alone.

If you are feeling alone or frustrated, please know that the smallest, heartfelt plea to Him in prayer can yield life-changing results. He can change your heart, He can give you peace. He can give you fulfillment in this life. He can ease your burdens and worries. He can cleanse you of sin.

Returning to Christ was the best spiritual decision that I have made in this life. He delivered me from evil. He calmed my fears.

He truly provides comfort and peace to all who walk with Him.

Open your heart and accept His priceless gifts of salvation and love.

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas!

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