At thy word.

One of the great lessons of this life is to learn how to surrender our will and lives to God. Sometimes, the answers to our prayers might not make complete sense to us. Nevertheless, we need to trust in God’s guidance for our lives.

When Christ entered Simon Peter’s ship, He knew that the recent efforts to catch fish did not yield any results. They had toiled all night, and had not caught anything. The fact that they continued to try under such adverse circumstances indicates(at least to me) that there was a sense of desperation on board. Maybe they needed the food, maybe they needed the money, most likely they needed both. Try as they may, and without divine guidance, the results were unfavorable.

When Christ instructed Simon Peter to again cast his nets into the deep, Simon Peter explained that they had toiled all night, and had taken nothing. He continued to tell Jesus- “Nevertheless, at thy word I will let down the net.”

Simon Peter had faith in the guidance and instruction of God and Christ. Even though the thought of a full catch may have seemed impossible at the time, he believed that Christ would help him. He exercised his faith and obeyed the instructions that were given to him.

The results of Simon Peter’s faith and obedience were remarkable: a great multitude of fish, enough to break the nets. The catch was so great that the ships began to sink under the heavy load.

As we begin this new year, may we remember to have faith in God’s guidance and instruction for us. May we say “at thy word” to God when he provides us with instructions and answers to our prayers.

Wishing you a beautiful day and a blessed new year!

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