My heart trusted in Him.

I love the Psalms. When I was reading this verse, there was a part that really stood out to me: My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped. It speaks of the heart trusting the Lord. It mentions the heart, because that’s where faith comes from.

The verse makes no mention of the mind trusting the Lord. The mind doesn’t process faith very well. It complicates it. It second guesses it. It tells you that having faith doesn’t quite make sense.

When situations are dire, when the odds are stacked against you, your mind will most likely go into overdrive. There will be sleepless nights. Endless, racing thoughts of worries and outcomes. All of this- because the mind can’t process faith. It has to be continually reminded to give control over to the heart. It has to be continually reminded that everything is in the Lord’s hands.

I had an experience recently that was very difficult to go through. I prayed for an answer to some very important questions that I had. If I did not make the right decision, it could have extremely difficult consequences for myself and others.

Graciously, God gave me an answer to my prayer. My brain couldn’t process the answer. It didn’t logically make sense for my situation. I asked again. Same answer.

After the second answer, I committed to the Lord(and to God) in my heart that I would follow their instructions for my life…even if the answer does not make sense to me at the time.

As the situation played out, I began to realize that the Lord was indeed helping me. The answer to my prayer turned out to be the best decision for me. The Lord knew what was needed. In the end, all concerns were taken care of. Just like in the verse, my heart rejoiced.

When doubt comes into your mind, use your heart to fully trust in the Lord. May we fill our hearts with faith in the Savior and His divine guidance for our lives.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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