Let it shine.

Every person on this earth has been given gifts from God to bless the lives of those around them.

It is easy to recognize the gifts of accomplished musicians, actors, artists, and athletes. It is more difficult to recognize the more subtle gifts that God has given to each and every one of us.

I took a moment today to reflect on the subtle gifts of the people around me- people that I love and share my life with. Their God-given gifts have blessed me and touched my heart. As you read through these examples, maybe you will recognize those same gifts in a friend or loved one. Or maybe you will realize that you yourself have those same, God-given gifts.

I have a loved one that is extremely compassionate to any person who is less fortunate- to any person that is in need of immediate help with their basic needs.

I have a loved one who is extremely forgiving. They are always following Christ’s example- they have forgiven some of the most heartbreaking situations that life can bring.

Another loved one dedicates their time in selfless service to anyone who is struggling, or in need of a friend.

Another dear friend of mine is always there when you need them- they often sacrifice their own plans to help whenever help is needed.

Another creates peace in their family as much as they possibly can.

Another is the best listener you’ll ever meet.

Another constantly volunteers their time with youth groups to better the lives of disadvantaged children.

Another dear friend volunteers their time to uplift, support, and empathize with those who are suffering from cancer.

Another loved one always goes out of their way to make every single person they know feel loved and special.

Whatever your God-given gifts may be- know that when you use them, your light will shine. You will bless others. They will see your good works- and God will see them as well.

Let your light shine!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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