The Refiner’s Fire.

Every experience we have in this life shapes us in some way. It is, however, only the most difficult trials and experiences of our lives that bring about the most personal growth.

During these difficult times of purification, it may seem that our very heart is being inserted into the embers of the refiner’s fire- time and time again.

Devastation, pain, loneliness, grief, fear, anguish, and depression are common feelings during the refining process. While we understand that we may never know the full outcome of such a process- be advised that the Lord knows the outcome fully. He sees your purified heart. He knows of your contrite spirit. He has been with you from the beginning, even before the fire started. He never left you while you were being refined.

We must remember that the brothers of Daniel had the Savior’s company while in the midst of the flames- and so do we. The Lord has borne all of our pains and sufferings- past, present, and future.

As you go through the purification process- you will become who you were meant to be. In His wisdom, the Lord brings about change in our lives for our benefit, growth, and learning. Many realize that they have a new found sense of compassion and care for others who have experienced similar circumstances in life.

The Lord refines us. He purifies our hearts. This process prepares us for His return. With purified hearts, we will be able to stand before the Lord when the time comes. We will behold His glory, and He will behold the good work that happened within us- a work that He saw through until completion.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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