God keeps his promises.

This response from Jesus was told to Satan, after Satan offered all the kingdoms and the glory of them on one condition: that Christ would fall down and worship Satan.

Christ knew of Satan’s lies and deception. He also knew of the instruction given by the Father- “thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” Jesus then cast Satan out from his presence.

I can tell you from personal experience that Satan still makes these offers and lies today. They are nothing but false promises that only bring pain and heartache when they do not come to fruition.

Unlike Satan, God keeps his promises. He does not lie. When we serve God the Father and Jesus Christ, we will be blessed. Promises followed from scripture will be fulfilled. Our lives will be guided in truth.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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  1. Hi Amber, He most certainly does keep his promises. Isn’t it interesting that the offer of Kingdoms (governments) and their Glory was documented as a temptation? And yet so many in our day are worked up, confused and passionate over government issues and topics.

    This entity couldn’t tempt someone with something it didn’t truly have some sort of control over.

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