Your whole heart.

Recently, I’ve been a little distant from God. A little distant from him in my thoughts. A little distant from him in my actions. My whole heart wasn’t fully available to God, because part of it was off limits. Part of my heart was full of pain, grief, anger, and shock over things that have happened in my life.

I often wonder when this rough road will ever come to an end, or if I can just catch a break. I’m sure that many of you feel the same way about your own lives.

Regardless, the trials continue to come. They do their best to try and pull me away from God. They do their best to try to pull me away from my Savior. The trials take cheap shots at my faith, saying things like: “If God really loved you and cared about you, he wouldn’t do this to you.” And, “Why is God making your life so hard when you have already been through so much?”

When we start doubting God’s love for us because of our difficulties and hardships- we must recognize that those feelings and impressions come from Satan. The enemy places those feelings there for the sole purpose of distancing us from God. He wants you to turn your back on your Father in Heaven, and he will go to great lengths to get you to do so.

Not seeking God with our whole hearts(and distancing ourselves from him) only makes our situation worse. If we are half-heartedly seeking God- it gives room for Satan to occupy the other half. Now you might say that I am being extreme, but hear me out. Satan is the father of lies. He comes into our lives disguised as pride, jealousy, anger, hate, disappointment, etc. He’s the one whispering: “If God really loved you, he wouldn’t treat you this way.” Or, “If he really cared about you, things would’ve turned around by now.”

We must ignore the lies told to us by the adversary. We must seek God with our whole hearts. We must give our hearts to God. We must pray for discernment to better recognize the enemy’s lies in our lives, whatever they may be. I am definitely going to pray for that in my life, especially when I am struggling.

I invite you to seek God with your whole heart- and I will do the same. The Bible promises we will be blessed for doing so. I thank you for your support and kindness! Thanks for reading! God bless!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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