Hannah’s prayer.

In the first book of Samuel, we read of Hannah, a woman married to Elkanah. Hannah longed for years to have a child- but she was unable to. To make matters worse, Hannah was often mocked by others regarding her infertility. After years of relentless torment, Hannah’s heart and spirit were broken. She was in a deep depression- a bitterness of soul.

In her darkest hour, she began to pray to the Lord. She vowed that if the Lord would remember her in this time of need and give her a child, that she would give the child unto the Lord all the days of his life.

The Lord heard Hannah’s prayer. Hannah and her husband Elkanah soon welcomed their son Samuel into the world.

In Hannah’s deepest and darkest depression, in her bitterness of soul, the Lord was there. He knew of her pain and her sorrow. He knew of all the longings of her heart.

The Lord knows each of us and what we pray for, just as He knew of Hannah and her prayers for a child.

After a season of waiting, Hannah’s prayers were answered. As with Hannah, the Lord will also remember us in our time of need.

Whatever you are waiting for, please know that God is with you in this season.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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