He gave it all.

Giving is such an important part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. During his years on earth, Jesus gave so much. He gave healing to those in need, food to the hungry, sight to the blind, comfort to those in mourning, and life to the dead.

He gave living water to all those who would drink it, that they would never thirst again. He gave, and he gave, and he gave. He never stopped giving. He gave all that he had- including his own life- to save our souls.

How can we follow Christ’s example? What can we give? With the season of giving already upon us, I’d like to challenge you to take the giving one step further this year. Pray and ask God to let you know who needs help. It might be a gift of time given for a visit with an elderly neighbor. It might be babysitting for a busy mom who needs a break. It might be a phone call to a friend who is going through a hard time. Or it might be a meal for someone who needs it. Or like the verse says, a coat for someone who doesn’t have one.

When we give our time, our attention, and our donations to any in need- know that God is so happy with us. When we follow the example of his Son, God is always pleased.

May we bless the lives of others, as our lives have been so richly blessed in so many ways.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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