You are not forgotten!

There are times in this life when circumstances in this world become so dark, evil, and depressing that it feels like God is a million miles away from us.

When it seems like we are completely surrounded by chaos, depression, and hopelessness, it can be easy to believe (in our haste) that God has left us alone to deal with all of these problems by ourselves.

Enticing us to believe that we are alone in our battles is a trick used by the enemy. It reminds me of the military strategy called “Divide and Conquer”- a strategy that makes a group of people disagree and fight with one another so they will not join together as one. (Merriam-Webster’s definition)

If Satan can make us feel and believe that God is far away and does not care about us, we will end up distancing ourselves from God. We will despair in our loneliness. We will become angry and bitter, which is exactly how Satan wants us to feel.

In this spiritual battle for our souls, do not let the enemy use his “divide and conquer” strategy on you. As difficult and heartbreaking as this life can be- please know that God and his son, Jesus Christ, have never left you. They hear your prayers and heartfelt pleas. You are not forgotten!

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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