Trust Him in the dark.

Happy blessed Sunday, friends! Earlier this week I was in bed, completely overwhelmed by my trials, unable to sleep. I kept going over every problem in my life- and in my pain, I became resentful and angry. And then, thankfully, God interrupted my thoughts by bringing me this thought:

Every trial gives us an opportunity to grow closer to God.

When the challenges of this life seem insurmountable – we are given a choice.

We can:

A. Turn our backs on God in our pain and suffering. We can shut him out in our grief. We can ignore him out of resentment, anger, and fear.


B. Turn towards God in full surrender. We can present ourselves to him with a broken heart. With hands outstretched, we can plead to him for help. We can admit that he is God, and that we are not. We can admit that his thoughts are not our thoughts- and that his ways are not our ways. (Isaiah 55:8) We can use the challenges we face to increase our prayers to God- which will, in turn, bring us closer to him.

I’m grateful that God’s thoughts and ways are very different(and much better!) than mine. I’m grateful for the power of prayer- and how it provides us with divine guidance and direction. Trust me, God hears your prayers. He will help you through your pain and suffering. He will guide you to solutions. When called upon, he will always provide you with comfort. He loves you. Let him help you through your challenges. Let him build your faith.

This life is too difficult to go it alone.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

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