More in number than the sand.

Does God think about us? Does God even care about us?

I read this verse in Psalms today, and it gave me some insight into God’s thinking.

His thoughts about us are more in number than grains of sand.

His thoughts about YOU are more in number than grains of sand.

It may be hard to believe that God knows you personally- out of the billions of people on this earth- but He does. His son, Jesus Christ, also knows you personally. They know who you are! They know your name! They know of your struggles and your triumphs.

Continue on in this life- don’t let it get you down. When struggles and challenges come your way, know that God and Jesus will always care about you. Trust that they are helping you. Their thoughts about you are so many, they cannot be numbered.

I hope that this thought brings you comfort today. May God’s love find you, wherever you are.

Wishing you a beautiful day full of hope!

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