Just ask.


It can be difficult to go to God and ask for something.
So many of us want to be self-sufficient on this earth.
We want to be able to do things on our own, without any assistance.

I’m reminded of a phrase often used by toddlers, frustrated with a challenge:

Let me do it by myself!

While there are smaller challenges that we may accomplish without assistance-
there are so many challenges in life that do call for God’s help.

There is absolutely no shame in asking God for help. There is no shame in seeking him,
in knocking on the door and letting him know that you are in need of assistance.

The sooner that you knock, the sooner that God’s guidance and wisdom will be opened up to you- guidance and wisdom that will help you and bless you in your life.

God cares about you and wants to help you- all you have to do is ask.


Return to Christ


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