He will put strength in me.


Job is talking about seeking the Lord in this chapter. He says: “Oh that I knew where I might find him!” Job then explains that if he were to find the Lord, that he would order his cause before him, and would tell his many, many arguments to him. Job had every reason to complain- he’d lost everything. Health, wealth, happiness, family members, friends…

Yet- Job states with a surety of his heart that in this meeting with the Lord, that the Lord would not argue back. The Lord would hear him.

 And, the Lord would put strength in him.

 A strength that he desperately needed. A strength that only the Lord could provide.

Notice how the verse says “he would put strength in me” instead of “he would strengthen me”- I believe that Job, because of his harrowing experiences, had absolutely no strength left. He was completely depleted.

I remember reading this verse a few years ago when I was the one in desperate need of some strength. My day to day had become nearly intolerable. I was fighting battles that I’d never fought before. I was in over my head. I needed divine help.

The Lord was merciful to me. When I called on him, he put strength in me.

He helped me to carry on and keep going. He saved my life.

There are so many of us that are being called to face battles right now that we have never faced before. Know that the Lord sees you. He hears the arguments that you present before him. He knows if your strength is gone.

 Call upon Jesus.
 I promise that the Lord will give you the strength that you need to keep going.


 Return to Christ

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