He believed.


There was a nobleman’s son who was sick at Capernaum.
When he heard that Jesus was making His way to Galilee,
he went to Him and asked if He would come and heal his son.
Unfortunately, the nobleman’s son was at the point of death.
Jesus said unto him “Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will
not believe.”
The nobleman said unto him: ” Sir, come down, else my child will die.”
Jesus replied: “Go thy way, thy son liveth.”
The nobleman believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him,
and he went his way.
When the man arrived back home, his servants told him that his son was alive.
They said that the fever had left him at the same time that the nobleman had been with Jesus. The son was healed because of the father’s faith and belief in Jesus Christ.
What a beautiful story of faith this is.
I can imagine the father running to his son when heard the news.
I can imagine them embracing and thanking God together.
May we always have faith in the Lord, and the miracles that He has in store for our lives.
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