His way is perfect.


I often find myself quoting Isaiah 55:8 in prayer and also in conversations with others.
I usually just sum it up by saying: “God’s ways are not my ways, His thoughts are not my thoughts. His ways and thoughts are higher than mine, and I am grateful for it.”
It has only been in the surrender of my ways that my life has changed for the better.
For a while there, I thought that my ways were better than God’s ways. I made some of the biggest mistakes of my life during that time period. But God, in His wisdom, mercy, and grace has turned the mess of my past into a message.
God leads us through some very dark valleys in our lives. Valleys that seem to never end.
Valleys that will leave us exhausted, confused, and desperate for answers.
It is in these valleys of heartache that we need to turn to God to guide us.
We need to surrender our will and lives to God because His ways are higher than ours.
While you may not understand exactly what is going on- He does.
He knows the purpose for your pain. His way is perfect.
If you are feeling lost and overwhelmed in the challenges you are facing,
remember that God has the guidance and comfort that you need.
Go to Him in prayer, trust in His wisdom. He will not hold back-
He loves us and wants to help us.
Return to Christ

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