He already knows.


In this verse, Christ is teaching about prayer during the sermon on the mount. He advises against using vain repetitions in prayer. He also explains that our Father in Heaven knows what we need before we even ask.

God is always ahead of the game. God knows when you’re going to twist an ankle. He knows when someone from the other team is going to foul you. He knows the score- he knows how many shots you didn’t take, or when you didn’t show up for practice.

You might ask what sports have to do with God. Well, God is the best coach in history. Through each season of our lives, he’s there with us. Encouraging and cheering us on through every high and every low. When we stumble and fall, he’s there to help us get back on our feet.

God is omniscient. Because of this, he has the best defenses and winning strategies to use against the opposition. God can guide us through(or around!) the opposing team’s traps and snares. He can give us the strength to make it through one more quarter. He can even encourage us to use a time out and rest when we are weary.

God already knows what you need. You might as well be completely honest in your prayers. There’s no use in hiding pain, disappointment, weakness, or discouragement from our Father in Heaven. If you haven’t tried complete honesty and surrender in your prayers, I would highly recommend it. In my prayers, I often tell God about whatever I am struggling with at the time. I then ask him to help me with those struggles.

We are imperfect people in a very flawed and broken world. We aren’t supposed to go to God in prayer and pretend that we are perfect and don’t need his help.  There is no shame in bringing our requests to a Father in Heaven who loves us so much that he gave his only begotten son to die for us.

We are on God’s team, and he is coaching us through this life- one season at a time.


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