Better than rubies.


Wisdom- it is more valuable and precious than any material possession we could try to obtain. It is the careful application of knowledge, understanding, experience, and common sense.

It is wise to be empathetic and look at difficult situations through another person’s eyes. But, what if we viewed our challenges through God’s eyes- and saw them not as horrible misfortunes, but as opportunities for growth.

Changing our perspective on life’s difficulties could begin with asking God for wisdom (in prayer) using any of the following questions or requests:

What would you like me to learn from this?

How would you like me to change?

Please give me wisdom and guidance about this situation.

Please help me to find the purpose in my pain and suffering.

The wisdom of God is a beautiful and precious gift. A gift that He gives to all of us liberally, to those who ask Him for it. (James 1:5) When we ask God for His wisdom, He does not find fault with or chastise us. Does a tutor criticize a student for asking questions? I would think not.

We should never hesitate to ask God for His insight and wisdom into our lives. The challenges that we face in this life are extraordinary.

When asked, He will guide and assist us in every situation- He will help us see our circumstances differently and have a changed perspective.



Return to Christ

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