He reminds me.


One of the most comforting things about prayer,
in my opinion, is the feeling of assurance and peace
that follows after the prayer is complete. To know
that God has heard your pleas and your petitions,
and wants to help you and comfort you- that knowledge
is priceless.

I take my worries and fears to God often.
And, in God’s mercy and grace, I am reminded of
these simple truths that apply to all of us:

God loves you.

He has always been with you-
whether it was in times of heartache, or times of peace.

He has watched over you, your entire life- and will
continue to do so. Every. Single. Day.

Even when you don’t feel like talking to him, he’s still there.
And when you come to the realization that you need him, he will be
there for you. He will listen to your prayers and guide you in the
way that you should go.

You are his child. He will never abandon you.

Trust in his plans for your life.

Feed the faith, not the fear.

I am grateful for a loving God and the reminders
that he gives us. Seek him in daily prayer-
I promise it will bless your life.


Return to Christ

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